Audio-Technica ATH-CKX9IS Sonic Fuel In Ear Headphones – A very good all-round performer

Outstanding value mid-range headphones. I’m not an audiophile but i do like to improve my audio quality to the best i can within a budget. I consider headphones important but at the same time am wary of how easily they are broken therefore, i don’t like to spend excessive amounts of cash on them. Spending over £100 is what i consider high risk. I saw these a-t sonic fuel on the vine so i thought i would see how these compare to my sony md-ex510’s. Same price now (although the sony is obsolete) but the sony was originally higher. In my testing i used the cowon d20 32gb mp3 player – black – dogs dinner interface but outstanding audio. To be fair on the at’s i plugged them into my pc and played music into them all weekend to burn the in a little. Physically, the at is quite sizeable thanks the extra bulk of the in-ear ‘c’ fitting and driver covering. This adds to the weight so when comparing the two, the sony ear piece comes in at 3g whilst the at is 7g.

Despite owning far too many headphones from sennheiser, koss, rha, denon, etc, i’ve never tried a pair of audio-technicas – a brand with a good reputation and, typically, far more expensive headphones than the ones i’m reviewing now. First impressions were excellent. The packaging is compact and well designed, making use of stiff cardboard rather than plastic. The headphones and the case for their earbuds are stored in an origami-like construction with two apertures cut out to give a glimpse of what’s inside. The ‘phones themselves are black aside from the silver audio-technica logo. They look unusual and classy. The earbud case itself is a sturdy little thing, packed with buds in a plethora of sizes and shapes, including foam tips, which many people would have to buy separately with other headphones. I don’t typically change out my earbuds on the go, but a case for keeping them organised is definitely a bonus. Fortunately, the default earbuds that come attached fit me fine, aided by the interesting construction of the earphone itself: it has a rubber extrusion that fits into the fold in your upper ear, thereby keeping everything secure and comfortable without the need for an over-ear band or wire like many other headphones.

Great mid/high end earbuds. . These are a top quality set of in-ear headphones. Opening the packaging and you are presented with an absolutely gorgeous semi-hard carrying case embossed with the audio-technica logo. In the case you find a beautifully made set of headphones complete with multiple sizes and types of ear-bud fitments. There is sure to be a size and style that fits your ears. They really do look great without being too ostentatious. Personally i found the ear-buds with the extra “c” retaining clip a little uncomfortable, so changed it to the more conventional fitment. Sound from these headphones though is truly superb with bass being especially good without being totally overpowering. Sound isolation was also really very good indeed. I’ve got quite a few sets of headphones and these are easily the best in-ear set i have used.

These are the best-fitting earphones i’ve ever used. Most times i’m adjusting the buds, or pushing them back into my ears. These buds go a little deeper (which also improves noise isolation), but the silicon arms fit the folds of my ears perfectly. Luckily, they also sound great – not too bassy (the bane of modern earphones), clear sound with just a touch of echo. Excellent design, excellent performance – these come highly recommended.

  • Outstanding value mid-range headphones
  • Perfect Pair for the Price
  • High Quality Audio On The Move
  • Good sound, Android compatible BUT awkward cable/remote
  • Sonic Fuel Indeed
  • A very good all-round performer

Audio-Technica ATH-CKX9IS Sonic Fuel In Ear Headphones – Silver

  • In-line control with mic for answering/ending calls, controlling music and video playback.
  • Large 13.5mm performance enhanced drivers offer a premium listening experience
  • C-tip design fits the shape of your ear for reliable, stay in place comfort
  • Hard case keeps headphones protected and easy to find every time

Having used a number of earphones with varied, but generally disappointing performance in the last couple of years i wasn’t expecting too much from these. They are the first in-ear c-tip design i’ve tried, having previously opted for the mote traditional earphones or those that latch over the ear. I was pleasantly surprised by their comfort. The c-tip comes in three different sizes much as the ear-buds do, and the soft rubbery plastic nestles comfortably in the ear holding the earphone in place without ever feeling awkward or irritating. On occasion it took me a few attempts to get it sitting properly and comfortably, but no more so than any other earphones i’ve used. I always prefer a flat wire as it makes untangling the earphones so much easier, and these are no exception. I’m less keen on the black and grey design and would’ve preferred a full black colouring but that is purely down to personal preferrence. The in-line mic is made of a glossy plastic, but in contrast to a number of others i’ve tried, it doesn’t feel cheap. The answer/play/pause button has a nice click without requiring too much effort, and i like the volume slider, although it would be nice if this could be locked in place as i did find it tended to get nudged by clothing.

Good sound, android compatible but awkward cable/remote. Pros:- very good sound, all round- good fit, they won’t fall out and are gym/sport friendly- remote is fully android compatible- look goodcons:- the long cable and positioning of the remote in the middle of the cable make it awkward. I may droop and catch something if you bend over, because of the length and the remote pulling it down. It’s so low that you have to hold it up or shout to use the mic. For sports, or if you wore a layer above it, it’s too low to access. At the gym, i end accidentally pressing the remote button when on machines that require you rest you chest on a pad.

These aren’t cheap,but they do a good job. I’ve used them when working in the garden cutting down some bushes and with the foam eartips on they were a tight fit,which i only managed to pull out once in a couple of hours,a definite improvement on others i have tried,including ones with foam tips. So,i would’ve thought they’d be ideal for running or other physical activities,including work. There is a handy but limited volume control on the cable,which just lowers the volume rather than muting it,and a button to change tracks for a phone or mp3 player. It comes with a selection of 4 ear tips and 3 c-tips,so most people should be able to find a combination that fits – i found the smallest c-tips were the most comfortable and unobtrusive to wear and the memory foam tips made sure they stayed firmly in place. Overall,a very good sound,although i found it worked better with my samsung mp4 player than with a aves air dab radio,but i think that’s down to the source. Very clear and accurate reproduction,but this does become a little harsh at very high volumes. The flat cable does stop them tangling too badly and makes it easier to untangle them. All in all,i like them and would recommend them.