5 Tricks When Buying Headphones to Make Your Ears Comfortable

It doesn’t have a complete phone without the device that supports its performance, one of them is headphones. Listening to music is more comfortable with this one tool. You are free to listen to your favorite songs without having to disturb the peace of others. The many types of headphones at this time certainly make you confused when buying, which is the best so that it can be used longer. This is a trick that you must use when buying headphones.


1. Budget and Brands

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Prices never lie for optimal quality. Usually the more expensive a hedaphone is, the more powerful and stable its performance. there are many brands that have been recognized in the market as quality headphones. Diligently just searching on the internet to know which types of headphones are of high quality. But still adjust to your budget.

2. Shape and Style Headphone

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There are several types of headphones. There are three types of headphones, namely:

  • over ear (headphone / speaker models cover all ears),
  • earbuds (the headphone / speaker model is attached to the ear hole but does not enter)
  • in ear (earphone / speaker model that goes into the ear hole).

3. Headphone Specifications

Not only brands, but you also have to adjust the specifications of the phone according to your needs. There are several specifications that you must pay attention to. The first is the impedance between the sound source and the device must be appropriate. Then there is sensitivity, meaning how the device responds to the loudness of the sound. sensitivity is usually measured in the sound pressure level (SPL). Earphones that are good for the ear are those whose sensitivity is not too high nor too low. The third is the earphone frequency, for certain types of music it is more suitable to use earphones with a special frequency range. For example, you want to listen to music that emphasizes bass, then you have to buy headphones with low bass frequency.

4. Fit and comfortable in the ear

Make sure the headphones you buy are comfortable in the ear because you will use them for a long time. Your ear health also needs to be considered so that there are no problems.

5. Other Additional Features

Terakhir, tak kalah pentingnya fitur tambahan perlu kamu pertimbangkan saat membeli headphone. Mulai dari fitur peredam suara, sehingga suara lain di sekitarmu tidak akan mengganggu musik yang sedang kamu dengarkan. Fitur ini sangat berguna di saat kamu berada di sekitar orang lain agar gak mengganggu mereka.

Itu dia trik yang mesti kamu gunakan saat beli headphone baru. terkesan simple, tapi akan berakibat positif untuk kamu kedepannya. Pasti kegiatan kamu mendengarkan lagu-lagu keren di Loop Musik semakin asyik deh kalau pakai earphone yang nyaman.