KitSound Oxygen Free Aux Cable Compatible – Done the job well but would do well to put a better picture of the lead itself (thickness)

The overall flexibility of the cable wasn’t fantastic, it was stiff and unbendy.

I purchased this cable right after getting rid of my prior aux cable and what a good purchase it has been. My earlier aux cable experienced been a great deal wider and shorter and i observed that it would get in the way when shifting gear in my car but as this cable is so gentle and slim it can be effortlessly maneuvered with no acquiring caught or awkwardly getting to be unplugged when driving. This aux cable is a fantastic duration for using in the car and actually incredibly discreet (purchased in black) so i have still left it hooked up to my stereo without the need of worrying that anyone will spy it from afaroverall, i am really happy with this acquire and would propose it for in car usage.

Fantastic cable fantastic shipping and delivery thanks extremely a great deal.Here are the specifications for the KitSound Oxygen Free Aux Cable Compatible:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Oxygen free Hi-Fi grade cable
  • Gold plated connectors
  • Connect your device to a stereo or speakers
  • 1 metre long
  • Play your music through speakers

Photo gave me impression of direct staying thicker, but saying that the guide finished the occupation properly and functions perfect.

Good bit of kit which enables me to listen to my apple iphone as i travel. Wire is a tiny very long but is easily tucked away in the glove box.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Done the job well but would do well to put a better picture of the lead itself (thickness)
  • Perfect for in car usage

I’ve had these for my car for many years, they past much for a longer time than the regular wires. Excellent :) would endorse to everyone and i have purchased a several for close friends. If you have a issue with wires that halt operating, by just one of these and put your head at relaxation.

JBL Synchros S700 Premium Over-Ear Cushioned Audio Headphones : Awesome sound from these

Definitely great headphones. I have tried using plenty of headphones now, but none look at to these. The characteristic with urgent the button in for a far better audio, in my feeling its rubbish. Just employing the headphones in their normal method is where these beauties shine. Great develop excellent, epic audio.

The headphones audio particularly like jbl studio screens. A great midrange and luxurious bass. Anything in its correct spot on the jbl ‘s as properly as the radio. Superb establish qualitythey build some of the very best speakers in the globe.

These headphones are just amazing. These kinds of superior high quality in sound and the build and i would recommend them to any one. I personally use them for voice over recordings and for music and thus these will need to continue to be on my head for fairly some time. Even following a handful of hours, i simply cannot come to feel them on my head at all.

They usually are not undesirable, but for the money not terrific both. They promised awesome bass, and in comparison to some brand names the do have additional, but not compared to most in-ear headphones. Style differs so do attempt them just before you obtain them.

The headphones are produced of higher quality resources and have an audio good quality to match, they have been also dispatched rapidly.

JBL Synchros S700 Premium Over-Ear Cushioned Audio Headphones with Inline Remote/Mic Compatible with Apple iOS and Android Devices – White : There is a lot of sound leakage but it does show off the power of them. The controls are cool with a light that circles the cup when touched. Long battery life and easy to connect to with bluetooth and nfcwould definitely recommend the jbl sound.

Best audio in my flavor, terrific perform jbl.

Like them stable make, wonderful seem, look terrific. I genuinely want to emphasize that the normal of components made use of are a+, the only draw back of this nevertheless is the fat, they can turn into uncomfortable to use for something in excess of four hrs, so just hold that in mind when getting.

Klipsch Image S4 II In Ear Headphone – : Good, but bear some caveats in mind

I had the old klipsch s3 for about a year and a half now and i decided to get an upgrade recently. These s4 ii definitely outperform the s3 (as they should) in terms of sound performance (with better mids and slightly stronger bass). So far i have been burning in my s4 for just over 50 hours, already i can sense how much better they are than the s3 (which i have been using for a while). The flat cable is also a great feature, now you won’t have to suffer the pain with the cables all tangled up. The fits are also better than the old s3, now i can go jogging with my earphones plugged in without having to fiddle with it every 5 minutes. In my opinion, to get the most out of your earphones, you must find the right size bud and to have them fitted properly. Keep seeing these reviews on how easy they break, i have only had them for 2 days so can’t really comment on that specific aspect.

Very comfortable fit, excludes most noise, clear sound. This is my second pair of this model hope they last a bit longer than the first pair as i lost sound from one earpiece but they are a good buy and are just as good as bose.

Sound gorgeous once played in a bit. Had to purchase seperate buds to fit my ears though.

Some of the best headphones i’ve had.

  • Good, but bear some caveats in mind
  • Maybe my pair were indestructible?
  • Excellent sound and noise isolation but broke very quickly

Klipsch Image S4 II In Ear Headphone – Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Noise isolating in-ear headphones with enhanced sleek profile
  • Award winning sound delivers deep bass and full range clarity
  • Patented oval ear tips provide comfortable wear for hours
  • Perfect seal keeps your music in + blocks outside noise
  • New tangle resistant flat cables

Excellent, well balanced sound. Not sure why klipsch don’t have right angle headphone jack like their competition. Its a weak point in the design and always breaks. They’ve even carried it over to the new r6.

Great earphones the best you can buy i recommend these you should buy ive had for to months and they’ve only got better.

No matter how much they cost, they always seem to have a life cycle of about a year. My third pair of shure se535s that cost £350, nope, that’s no deterrent for my erratic forgetful brain. Because of this i’m now punishing myself with not being able to purchase headphones that cost over £50. Fortunately the klipsch’s make that punishment very bearable. They sound great, they fit well (though admittedly i did swap the silicon tips for my shure foamies – they made for a better seal and were highly comfortable, you can purchase these separately if you wish). A lot of the reviews here say these break quickly and frequently which just isn’t the case. I’m not sure how these reviewers were using their earbuds, but in the nearly two years i owned my pair (before obviously losing them) i only ever had to wrap some tape around the 3. 5mm jack plug to keep it stiff. Otherwise, wrapping them up, stuffing them in my jeans rear pocket, getting them sat on, they went through hell and still came out strong and ready to put up with another day.

Break somewhat easily, i’ve owned about 5 of these, and each broke after a few months use. Sound quality is good, but not great.

I read and researched reviews on different websites before buying this and it certainly lived up to its reputation.

I purchased these in the black friday sale for £35 to replace my original klipsch image s4 headphones (not ii with the flat cable). I have owned a vast range of of mid-market in-ear headphones (£15-£60) from the likes of sony, sennheiser, jvc etc and and in my opinion klipsch’s s4 range are the clear winners in terms of sound quality. The unique earbuds create a great seal in my ear, keeping out background noise and keeping them in while i’m at the gym, although i have heard that this is not the case for everyone so i guess it depends on your ears. The flat cable is a bit of a novelty, it does prevent tangling just looks slightly odd. As others reviews state the main downside is the build quality. While i have not had any problems with these particular earphones my previous klipsch image s4 ‘i’ headphones did become faulty but as you are buying from amazon returns/replacements are not a problem if the product does become faulty within the 2 years manufacturers warranty.

So i’ve been using these every day for the past ~10 days now. I got them because my old klipsch x1s were far and away the best pair of earphones i’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing, and unfortunately, the cable attaching to the plug at the end broke (i’ve dropped my ipod loads of times, so it wasn’t really a surprise). First thing to say is the packaging is awesome, there’s a flap with a little magnet in it, so you can see them, and they’re dead easy to get out. The delivery was also great. Anyways, onto the actual thing. The wires are flat, but they’re still pretty thin – i’d say 2x1mm from the ‘phones to the splitter, and 4x1mm from the splitter to the plug. The plug surround sticks straight out by about an inch, and it looks and feels pretty sturdy. I’ve had them in for most of the time i’ve been awake, and some of the time whilst asleep as well – they are more comfy than the x1s because they are stouter, i think. As always with klipsch, the sound quality is excellent, as is noise isolation. For the first couple of days, i didn’t like them at all, the sound was always too tinny, and getting used to not being able to get the ‘phones half way down my ear canal took a while.

Bought these to replace my broken akg 376 which were £80 and far too quiet. The klipsch are nice and loud with very nice sound quality.

Great sounding earphones but having bough nearly 5 pairs they all broke within 3 months so i have switched to beats which have so far proved much more resilient.

After a few months, cable at the port side has become less reliable. Sound now occasionally excludes vocals if placed incorrectly. I have been good at taking care of them and slightly dissapointed in this fact. Saying that, still work fine when placed correctly and produce good quality sound at those times. Would recommend getting better (noise-cancelling) ear buds to replace the standard buds that comes with these.

If you owned the s4 model then you’ll find that this model merely has a new flat cable which feels more durable and a new soft case. At this price you get an overall quality product with decent sound specs (the result of a 8. The direct competitor is rather the denon ah-c100 model. The shure se215 and the phonak audeo pfe 012 most probably deliver better sound but cost more.

Finding no problems with the cords, like the cord device that stops tangling. Nice n bassy but not really really heavy. Over all a very good buy for me.

Superior headphones and wonderful compact case. But had superior audio from others. Check out the soundmagic e10s if audio high quality and charge is far more essential to you than appears to be like/model.

Amazing headphones, i hold coming back to them everytime i shed them.

All the things is virtually fantastic for earphones in its price category. Only minimal fault is the will need to fit it in adequately just about every time, if you really want to just take advantage of the noise cancellation.

These headphones are small and light and do a excellent position of keeping ambient seem out.

I acquired these to exchange a pair of top ears in-ear monitors whose cable had unsuccessful a 2nd time, and my experience therefore much has been very good, but not excellent. The strengths of these headphones can be summarised therefore: they healthy comfortably and isolate you rather successfully from outside the house noise and the seem is obvious, effectively-balanced and effortless to hear to across a wide range of models of audio. Having said that, they are not without the need of downsides: the seem is not the most enjoyable you can come across and the cable is susceptible to snag on nearly anything it can. If you might be likely to use these earphones at your desk, then they’ll be difficult to fault, but for use out and about, you could obtain (as i have completed) that the cable causes a lot more issues than you are prepared to settle for. Let us begin with the positives, while. To begin with, these headphones do sound very good. I’ve had mine for a month or so now and have tried using a vast range of new music with them, from early renaissance choral new music, in which delicacy of texture and accurate copy of voices was essential, to some unpleasant ed rush and optical drum’n’bass. They’ve acquitted by themselves very nicely, and i’ve had some excellent, extensive listening classes wherever the audio has under no circumstances grated or become tricky function. They are at ease, also, and isolate you perfectly from exterior noises. Nonetheless, the negatives are sufficient to make my recommendation a guarded a person.

Sadly these earphones broke in just six months of standard use with out any events i can remember of ‘abusing’ them. I found that immediately after a even though there was a significant volume imbalance concerning the remaining and suitable buds. Ideally i was just unlucky – amazon issued a refund and i have now purchased the s4i as a substitute. Pros:- superb seem excellent- good sound isolation- tangle totally free cords- 1 calendar year guarantee- means to have on the ear buds two various wayscons:- broke in just 6 weeks- struggled to continue to keep the earbuds in my ears when strolling all-around.

Beacon Orion Stereo Headphones – headphones

The beacon orion is a properly-built headphone set, the establish strong with a steel frame, snug head relaxation and very well-padded earphones. The cups sit relatively unusually on the ear, fairly than masking them or fitting into the ear, but despite the fact that they are built to sit tightly on the head, the in shape is cosy and the speakers deliver the tunes well, offering some total of noise isolation and taking care of to stay away from any major sound leakage. The kevlar-reinforced cable is flat, but yet again very well-made to keep on being tangle free and deliver the audio with no any sound or vibration, the 90-diploma jack giving superior order and defense from accidental tug-hurt to the wires. There is a remote to perform/pause and management volume, put on the left ear cable. This is effective absolutely only with ipad and iphone equipment, but i observed that the pause button labored and was handy when listening to songs as a result of a blackberry. The other gain of the remote, when connected to a cellular mobile phone, is that it features also as an in-line microphone, letting you to crack the new music and take a phone by pressing on the ‘pause’ button. I picture that this will function with any cellphone and not just an apple iphone. The style and options are great, but sad to say the audio overall performance by itself just isn’t the greatest. There is certainly very good physique offering a whole sound, but the element is lacking in the high selection and the bass would not have fantastic definition, which can it uncomfortable and tough to hear to at louder volumes as they are likely to increase. For a mid-selection set of headphones however these are high-quality, well-developed, put on easily – if a minimal tightly for longer use – and have some handy attributes, but they’re not a thing you will want for higher-end listening.

These may be the to start with ón ear’ headphones i’ve at any time tried using and i’m not fully bought. Instead than in ear headphones or headphones which cup the ear these virtually just sit on them. I can unquestionably see the attractiveness-they do appear to be to lower outdoors sounds but they do come to feel abit odd. Perhaps its just one thing to get utilized to. On a beneficial notice the audio is astounding and the fuctionality is extraordinary. I are not able to say that i have used the mic on the headphones because i have only utilised them with my ipod and not with my cellphone but i was impressed plenty of with the pause/resume button on the wirei also appreciate the flat cable since i definitely detest when the wire will get knotted, but i do assume that if these are for on the shift the cable is a tad too prolonged. In general a fantastic headphone but if these are your initially pair of on ear headphones they may possibly choose some acquiring employed to.

The initial issue obvious about these headphones is their putting seem – the electrical blue highlights, which feature on the headphones & band them selves and on one particular aspect of the (twist-free ribbon-type) cable, are eye-catching and glance excellent. The next matter you will observe is just how cozy they are. The ears and headband are really effectively padded, and i can put on these for prolonged periods without the need of experience unpleasant. The thick padding also retains out most exterior sounds (which is handy, as there is no noise-cancellation characteristic on these headphones). Thirdly, and most importantly: the sound. This is great, but not wonderful. Admittedly i was evaluating them with a pair of sennheiser pxc-310s, at nearly twice the value, but the variance was very noticeable, particularly in the center and best assortment. The beacon ‘phones are extremely bass-weighty (when compared with the sennheisers, which them selves are inclined to be very bassy). Middle and prime-conclude appears weren’t as crisp and distinct, but have been nevertheless reasonable for a established of headphones at this rate. I would say that they are greatest suited for rock or dance new music, exactly where you want a major bass audio, but potentially not suitable if you happen to be seeking for subtlety.Here are the specifications for the Beacon Orion Stereo Headphones:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Clear and consistent bass, crisp highs and superb overall range
  • In-line Mic and Remote
  • Tangle-proof Kevlar reinforced flat cables with dual colour
  • Metal Headband construction for incredible durability
  • Articulating, adjustable earcups and a 90 degree jack

I got these headphones for less than £18 and they had been an exceptional order. The seem is clear and the bass not far too large – just the way i like it. Also, as opposed to some reviewers who have explained that they obtain them a little bit tight i obtain the match comfortable. But then once again, perhaps i’ve obtained an undersized bonce.

Having not heard of beacon right before i was hesitant to dive in, but my reticence could not have been extra undeserved. These headphones are comfortable – the adjustable sliding ear-cups are a first rate attribute enabling you to adjust the in good shape quickly as you set them on. I say ear-cups, but they are much more like mushrooms, getting a convex shape somewhat than a concave cup as common – there is no discernible leakage possibly. They are ‘on-ear’ kind and cabled from both equally ear-pieces. The box shouts that ‘beacon have acquired your back’ and with a one thousand-day warranty, i am strongly inclined to agree. This amount of provider from a pair of headphones under £100 is unheard (pun supposed) of, so you know the establish-quality is fantastic – regardless of its minimalist building it is really efficiently a metal head band with a leather pad at the prime. There is an ‘in-line’ mic – with cables to equally ear-parts – not my choice but not the conclusion of the world. The cables are flat & of the ‘anti-tangle’ variety it is really a ribbon inside of the insulation, alternatively than a cylinder meaning the cable does not twist against the insulation. And that brings us neatly to the sound. It truly is incredibly fantastic – the mids & trebles all ring apparent & correct – the bass is excellent, but struggles at louder volumes with further tracks.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice sound but rather uncomfortable
  • Very good value headphones that belie their price
  • Great headphones. Recommended

Around the past couple of years, i have tried a nymber of headphones and earphones from a whole selection of various firms, so arrive to these with some encounter of the relaxation of the current market. They come in pretty a significant box which built the headphones incredibly easy to get rid of – it may possibly seem like a small issue but not right after the number of situations that i have had to check out and minimize by way of individuals stupid molded and sealed plastic types. Mines have been in a nice blue color which was not too daring but nevertheless insert some fascination alternatively than the generic black and silver that are so usually applied. In addition to the headphones, the box also incorporates a guarantee card and a branded cloth have bag in which, i was surprised to uncover a three. 3mm headphone jack adaptor enabling these to be employed with bigger headphone sockets. It ins’t entirely useful for me as most of my units use the regular three. five, but was still pleasant to see that the company was attempting to cater for all end users. In terms of develop high quality, these look to be nicely-created from a first rate spec plastic and steel which has, so far, held up very well against commuter don and tear. The wire is manufactured of a flat rubbery content which is seemingly bolstered with kevlar. It matches the colour of the major headphones and has nevertheless to get tangled, though it is fairly prolonged generating it a little cumbersome for commuting, but that is a insignificant gripe truly. The carry pouch/bag, on the other hand was rather poorly completed with unfastened threads blighting each individual edge and corner leaving me involved that it will never truly final quite long without some fixing. I was also a little worried about the actual good quality of the ear pieces whch are relatively loosely attached to the headphone band but this hasn’t brought about any concerns to date. The greatest difficulty i have with these headphones relates to the audio efficiency. They are much from the worst headphones i have used and owning tested them with a selection of various genres, they are not as overly bass-heavy as some other ‘premium’ branded headphones.

I received this considering the fact that it has a constructed in mic given that i dislike the types you get with new phones these days the sound is excellent and very clear and pretty comfey to dress in.

I am employed to applying headphones that in shape possibly around or in the ears so these took a handful of attempts to get cozy without the need of muffling the seem. After i bought employed to them i found that the sound top quality was pretty amazing with great clear audio. The most amazing point for me is the cable, which is intended not to twist and knot consequently preventing the wire inside of from breaking, which, for me at minimum, is the greatest result in of headphone failure. I have misplaced rely of the variety of beautifully great headphone speakers i have had to toss away because i only get sound out of one because of a worn cable. Although these are explained as black/blue, they are not also garish as most of the blue is hid when sporting them and typically black and silver is shown so i do not truly feel way too self aware wearing them in community. Total, excellent excellent develop and audio, unquestionably worthy of the inquiring rate.

If first impressions depend for anything at all then wow these are a fantastic on the lookout pair of earphones. The headphones adopt a structure that does not entirely encompass the ears like far more traditional styles which will fully encase the ears, this component isn’t going to in anyway impression on the aural high quality, simply calls for a very little getting employed to that’s all. The styling would make it stand out in my opinion from the somewhat crowded own headphone marketplacece. Specific at the mid priced marketplace for a person who wants improved seem copy than lessen conclusion package but without the need of breaking the financial institution in performing so. These would be perfect as a reward for everyone to enjoy terrific good quality audio and tunes from a smartphone or dedictated tunes participant and even a gaming headphone. With regards to smartphones it has the potential to perform as a arms absolutely free machine (albeit rather larger sized than standard). The cables are of the flatter tangle free structure which looks to be prevailing and definitely is fairly challenging to tangle unintentionally like rounder form of cable, saves significantly irritation and squandered time untangling the cables. Sound excellent is excellent, and reproduction of quite a few versions of music and audio are exceptional for the price range, pop, rock are reproduced with very well outlined bass and substantial end. Classical songs for all but the most discerning listeners is pretty crisp and clear. I have attempted not to make opinions evaluating them to other extra high-priced styles and in evaluating have only accomplished so with models of the identical rate variety i have managed to use or possess.

These ‘phones have a couple of uncommon characteristics. Firstly the band is fastened in size and the individual units slide inside of a slot on a ratchet technique for unique adjustment. The guide is a soft flat, no-tangle structure with a appropriate-angled 3. Direct length is realistic at about 1. 5 metres and not hence excessive. I could not at first see any evident l/r markings but they did develop into apparent once 1 of the phones was lifted from its preliminary posture. A coloured crimson dot someplace on the outside of the proper cellular phone would have produced existence a little easier. The person earpieces have a gentle fake leather-based covering all around the grille, and the modules are of a closed design. Nevertheless audio leakage by means of and close to the phones is very large.

These are extremely excellent audio excellent and sturdy system. Only motive not five star is the microphone pickup is not fantastic.

First off, i am not any type of hello-fi/audiofile qualified. I am just an everyday punter who likes, in additional or considerably less descending get, rock, blues, folks-rock, west african new music, a minimal bit classical, and a very little little bit of a whole lot of things. Sharing a dwelling with someone who will not like loud music, or loud everything, i hear to my ipod a whole lot and have long gone as a result of several sets of earphones and headphones. A short while ago it truly is been a first rate pair of earphones which i like very a little bit. They have now, however, fallen out of favour, replaced in my affections by these. First off, these headphones healthy pretty easily and securely. Beacon assure that the unconventional flat cable (which appears like rubber) will not likely get tangled, a regular annoyance with other pieces of kit, so that is pretty fantastic as perfectly.

They are gentle fat and very easily adjustedthey are comfortable ( in otherwords nothing is stabbing you in or about your ear)the direct is tangle no cost that worksthey dont make you seem like your fly a dakota from the thirties when you don them aoutside the houseall incredibly excellent pointsnow when it will come to seem i generally come across it abit subjective so i can only give an belief. They arnt sounds cancelling to the any wonderful degree, the sound is good. Downside is i uncovered i had to ramp the quantity up substantial to get it to a amount i was joyful with. On the other hand this may well be somthing to do with me using a alot of loud guitar machines in the past. All in all located them ticking most of teh containers and not costing the earth.

The seem good quality is excellent for this value selection but they made the decision to deal with passive sound cancellation by earning the on-ear cups pressured about your ear. This has two drawbacks – it can be really uncomfortable, particularly over time, and it can just about near up the ear giving an influence related to putting your arms about your ears so that the seem looks muffled so i can see why some persons imagine the audio is crystal clear and other folks that it is ‘muddy’. I believe closed cup is a far better solution for passive noise cancellation. Audio top quality is also superb for phone calls, the mic is high-quality, individuals can listen to me quite effectively. Pity you can find no inline quantity control as have to fish the phone out of my bag in purchase to regulate quantity which gets irritating. Agree with other reviewer that it is really uncomfortable to see the l/r labels and a little bit silly to web site these beneath the ear cup which has to be pushed right up to see it. On the other hand, they look wonderful, do not flatten your hair. The cable is beautiful, would not kink or curl at all. Definitely a pity about the urgent on your ears difficulty as i might have offered them a substantially higher ranking.

Awesome seem throughout all genres actually cleanse and distinguishable distinctions in the distinct segments of audio coming by means of plus good and bassy when you want it to be. Very mild and immensely comfy. Glimpse a little bit like a cyberman when you have them haha but usually incredible hugely endorse.

These headphones are incredibly snug to have on they are ajustable by a ratchet method. They are clearly marked l/r on the within. The flat guide is a fantastic thought as it stop it tangled. They have a vey fantastic sound i would advise.

Exceptional product audio wonderful good quality product i have the ear pods for my phone and now waiting around ti buy mini speakers.

The headphones arrived the day just after ordering in there identified box the box was perfectly sealed and manufactured absolutely sure the headphones arrived in on piece. The headphones consist of the metal body and the speakers themselves, the headphones are adjustable as the speakers transfer unbiased of the frame up and down with motion all round creating absolutely sure the headphone stays on the ear. As the headphones have a metal band they seem very sturdy and can consider a lot of anxiety, on the insides of the headphones is sign of what ear is which with a straightforward l-and-r. The speakers are completed in gloss which appears to captivated plenty of finger prints but its easy washer-friendly surface intended they weren’t there for extended. The padding is quite snug but with total volume does leak out. The all round truly feel of the headphones is a quite smooth and modern structure but if your looking for a fantastic set of headphones these are a extremely excellent invest in. The only issue is that they only have a pause/participate in button located on the still left wire, it would of been pleasant to also see an selection for quantity as well. If you observed this useful please let me know, have a good day, bye:).

These are just excellent headphones , the seem is fantastic , develop good quality is superior , no cable wrinkling any extra thanks to the flat cable layout. One thing to point out is that with my apple ipod shuffle 1st gen, i require to pull out the plug a bit and not push it even further in. Possibly because of to the reality that they also have a mic channel or probably it’s just the shuffle. My other digital gadgets like the ps vita or my cell phone get the job done terrific with the headphones.

JVC HAS4X Xtreme Xplosives On Ear Headphone : HAS 4X on ear headphones

They arrived right now, high-quality is – i can only explain it as wow. The camo layout is crap, i assumed i would like it but i don’t. Its seriously low cost for the the excellent of audio it offers i would fortunately spend additional for the top quality, up to £30. Recommed if you are hunting for on-ear headphones. Im going to get the more than-ear types following, seem high-quality is same i read but they are a lot more cozy.

Been utilizing them for the 3 several hours given that they arrived & can not stop grinning. The only disadvantage is the pretty small direct. If you might be setting up on utilizing them with a house stereo you could as perfectly buy an extension now as you can find no way a just one metre lead is very long enough. Would’ve created perception to make the guide more time or involve an extension. That is my only gripe though. Otherwise, they’re comfortable to dress in with outstanding audio good quality & seem to be fairly robust as well. Incredibly content with my invest in.

JVC HAS4X Xtreme Xplosives On Ear Headphone

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 40mm large diaphragm neodymium driver units and Extreme Deep Basse Ports deliver ultimate bass sound
  • Rubber protectors for body durability
  • Soft earpads for excellent sound isolation
  • Soft headpad for wearer comfort
  • 2.6mm-thick and robust 1.2m pure copper cable (Y-type)

I acknowledge, when i to start with acquired these i was slightly concerned, they had been incredibly limited on my head and there appeared to be very minimal treble. Nevertheless, soon after i continued to burn off them in, the treble acquired better and much better- it is very great on my personal computer, but i nevertheless have to use the treble booster on my ipod. They have also loosened up, for the to start with couple of times i could not use these for a lot more than an hour with out receiving a headache, i can now have on them pretty much all day with pretty tiny difficulties. The bass is outstanding, and these are improved high-quality than my previous £30 sony and sennheiser in ear headphones. I question you will get far better for the cost, and these may possibly even outperform more costly items. Total, give them time to wear in, and you will not be upset. Dont be set off by your very first impressions.

Really loud and bassy, also really unpleasant for a long time owing to the very restrictive head band, cables are non replaceable and simply broken, ok for dance and normal pop music, not for everything else.

I wouldn’t say the good quality of audio matches it rpp rate of £39. ninety nine but for all around £22 it definately excells to other merchandise about the £30 mark, beats my £30 skull candies, jvc xx present agency and robust construct of the product, and look extra attractive then other more costly eye sweet solutions. Definately a most effective buybass tones are generated pretty properly and powerful devoid of drowning out the treble, it also helps to have an equalizer to tweak your seem to perfection (android electricity amp, can have a exceptional preset for each artist/album) this will help via the genres i hear to these types of as drum and bass, dubstep and metallic.

JVC HAS4X Xtreme Xplosives On Ear Headphone : Those headphones was the best thing i could imagine for such a low price. The sound is really good, same as the base in them. I have recently switched from my beats for these and i am happy about that, even my manager was comparing it with his beats monster. Beats don’t stand a chance ;).

What i genuinely like about these headphones:seem excellent is terrific and the speakers are simply drivable by a transportable audio playercable is of really excellent duration for use for with transportable new music playercomfort is fair fantastic but not greatthings i dont like about these headphonesi dont definitely like the way they lookcompared to my related priced sennhauser hd201 headphones the create quality is not good and they are not extremely comfortable they are tight on the ears and the headband is not very well padded, which immediately after prolonged use can be a bit of a suffering (practically)iv been donning them now for an hour and i preserve becoming mindful of the frequent force on my earsi surely am not a lover of the truth that the headphones are equipped in non returnable packaging ie packaging that requirements to be slice open up. Which is going to make returning the headphones must you decide for any explanation that you do not want them-pretty much extremely hard apart from in the party that they do not perform at all. The headphone cups are of the padded vaiety that match immediately on to the ears instead than about the ears so i have nonetheless to uncover out if seem leaking is a dilemma. However as i stated earlier in my review they healthy so restricted that it can damage your ears right after a even though which im supposing will decrease any prospect of seem leakageso over-all audio quality is terrific cable duration is great for a portable songs participant but create good quality, seems to be and consolation are a adverse concern.

I purchased this products following studying the critiques and seeing the truthful value tag. They came promptly and i was quite delighted with supply time and presentation. Upon opening and hoping the headphones i could convey to they experienced a severely outstanding bass seem but sadly they ended up a very little much too small for my head, and not versatile ample to stretch. I ended up supplying them to my mum who has a substantially more compact head than me but enjoys loud music with a fantastic bass and she enjoys them.It was pleasant to do some thing superior for her, so whilst the solution was much too tiny for me, i am supplying them a very good review mainly because my mum loves them :).

Bought these in dec 2012 following observing ebay give for sony mdrzx300r fashionable watch fashion headphones – black for £20. Appeared all over for much better costs & uncovered similar on amazon for £15 but a close friend experienced comparable just one(sony mdrxb300 added bass) & it leaked sound earlier 50 % volume + i have had lots of sony headphones above time. I experienced been hunting awhile, below & there & the moment in although for on/more than ear headphones & instantly preferred a pair & considering that my sony dj kinds broke in 2008, had been applying only in ear headphones but the choosing component following listening to the in ear jvc xplosive which a cousin experienced, i acquired the on ear versions. They were very restricted upon to start with several occasions using but just after handful of moments it loosens & can be worn for for a longer time intervals. They do stand out even though carrying them but i introduced them for bass & seem isolation, which it does each flawlessly. The bass is fantastic & if u fiddle with seem/equaliser settings u can get even extra bass when overall quality remains unaffected. As for audio leakage there is none except if volume is at more than 90%. I’ve tested with numerous genres(dance,trance, rock,pop) though sitting next to a person in a rather area & are unable to listen to nearly anything, & u can barely hear them. I have utilized on phones(iphone 4s, samsung s2, htc motivation, sony xperia ray, nokia n8- 5310- e72- c3) mp3 players(sony nw-e507 -50 hour battery, inventive muvo,samsungyp u2), tv set(sony + toshiba) and laptops(acer aspire + samsung rv510) & seem excellent is incredibly good on all gadgets. When volume is really high on laptops they appear to leak bit additional soundall in all excellent seem/build good quality, deep bass, seem isolation & the cost – i bought for £19.

Fantastic, as opposed these to the sonys most my mates have, for the similar value these are great, deep bass and although they have ali of sound leakage, the seem is way too great to treatment. Robust aswell, i snowboard carrying them and they can choose hits. I am not saying no helmet is very good while :pvery content.

I practically purchased a pair of those people dr dre headphones, and a buddy suggested to me a pair of i cant bear in mind the identify, but they much too were above a hundred kilos, experienced headphones. I you should not need experienced headphones and i am not any where near as concerned in the wonderful tweaking of my sounds as some of the people who have reviewed these. But i do respect superior audio and a very good obtain. For me, paying out considerably less than twenty five quid on a pair of headphones that audio as fantastic as i want them to is funds effectively invested. Comfort wise i feel they could be just a very little improved, but which is genuinely nit-picking. I’m so glad i read the opinions and in carrying out so saved myself above a hundred kilos by opting for these. I would surely look at purchasing once again if necessary and surely recommend them.

I hear to music and podcasts day by day on my ipod contact and experienced beforehand utilized in ear buds of various quality and value, thanks mostly to the mobility element. Right after the 3rd pair in as numerous yrs went mono on me i resolved to test these out, undoubtedly the value was excellent plenty of to consider a risk. Now i would not lie these are a ache to transport all-around with you unless you have a bag to toss them in, but which is an evident given. The construct high quality is pretty rugged and even with other reviewers stating these had been unpleasant and with me possessing a larger than average head, i have to disagree. Finest of all even though is the audio quality, surely that is why you are examining these assessments in the initial location. Simply just set i am listening to delicate appears and notes that i experienced earlier not heard right before, after the original 20 or so hrs of burn off in have handed all of my eclectic audio assortment appears richer with more depth than i was enduring with the ear buds.

Alright, so i’m not a headphone specialist, but i bought these as i am having ill of the large-pitched – almost painful – seem that will come out of my blackberry and ipod headphones. I genuinely could not picture anything better, the sound cancellation is excellent – you can rarely listen to nearly anything from outside – and the bass is great for taking part in much more drum and bassy variety songs. They are exceptionally at ease as, unlike lots of other headphones, they resolved to make the cushioning powerful sufficient so that even if you relaxation on some thing you will not have the plastic squashing into your ear. The a person matter i would say about them is that persons can listen to your audio really loudly when they are nearby, so i absolutely would not suggest blasting your tunes on max quantity in the center of a packed train. Once more, i am not an professional so i do not know what will make much more pricey headphones, these types of as beats, significantly far better as individually i really don’t see the will need to shell out any more on a pair of headphones when these are ideal.

Jvc has4x xtreme are the very best out there for the proper price tag headphones for music videos and gaming. Sry for late evaluation as i am creating just after five months or so just after ordered but still this solution has exceed my anticipations. Typically applied for music and gaming but in gaming this rocks as bass of it pretty strong. I even went out for providing theses but these headphones are in my destiny to use and very own so wont be advertising anymore. I coupled ot with artistic seem card xfi pro on my notebook and this rock one sound is so astounding and bass is freaking astounding. A minor tip for initially time consumer. Use them or continue to keep them for tricky check i imply u have perform audio or what ever on this atleast for two hrs each working day. This is melt away in testing so headphones attain there real electrical power. At very first you could not get fascinating seem but if you make confident to keep them running for three hrs or 2 hrs day by day for a mouth they will show you what bass is 1take my phrase for it. Soon after 5 months for melt away in headphones are rock reliable. Only con is they are bit heavy and huge so never use them outdoor ,great for desktop or notebook. Cant wear theses massive bulky if going out .

These headphones have lasted me above 4 months now. Far more then any other headphones ive experienced outstanding audio and incredibly tough to hear something in excess of the songs becoming played or if you are watching a film. As i have doulby put in on my desktop it definitely dose push the headphones to the max and presents it the seem jvc were intended forlittle bit stressy on the bundle aspect but other then that comes protected with (us only) warrantee for, for good.

Immediately after getting many diverse sorts of headphones all for about the £30 – £50 mark, these are by much the really greatest. They drown out the sound of my youngsters wonderfully – ‘peace’ at previous. There are only two small little issues one: the headphone wire is very shorter but that will be effortlessly remedied with an extention wire – problem solved.2: i won’t be able to hear myself singing which is really troublesome my young children. Dangle on, definitely which is yet another as well as.

I like a superior bass to the music i pay attention to alongside with clarity. These headphones give you lots of bass but i feel are a lot more suited to the contemporary really processed audio of right now. I want the other sets of headphones i have as these are a restricted fitting on your ears and does start to harm following about 50 percent an hour or so.

I dont typically generate a review for just about anything but i had to for these headphones, they are truly comfortablei put on earrings and i thought obtaining a pair of headphones like this would damage or rub versus them but they dont interfere with them at allthe audio good quality is outstanding, the length of the cable is great tooi would suggest these for audio loversi acquired these to use with my iphone when im accomplishing cardio and they are excellent.

I have these headphones due to the fact dec 2011 and nevertheless making use of them today without having any issues so far. Definitely very well created, with good components audio is fantastic, they perform very best when listening to songs with decrease tones, deep bass. In good shape is fairly limited and they can turn into unpleasant right after putting on them consistently for a few of hrs (or possibly it really is just me). General, the greatest headphones that ‘limited’ funds can buy.

I tried a couple headphones out in a shop that had loud background sounds and these have been the very best at sound reduction. Utilized them on a plane and they saved at bay the seem of at minimum a few screaming infants – heaven. Comfortable, moderately priced and strong.

These have to be the greatest headphones ive employed in a lengthy time. I even walked into a songs retail outlet to see how they would look at with beats headphones, there is minimal to no difference, i would essentially say that the foundation frequencies are much a lot more crisper as a result of jvc’s headphones. Remarkable seem excellent, which rivals that of highend headphones, for a portion of the cost. Putting on these puppies in general public kind of will make a bold statement also. A discussion went like, ‘what are people on your head?, jvc has4’s listed here listen, nice there rather fantastic how a great deal did they value, £30, no way man’. Public agrees these are bang for buck.

As with the complete jvc xtreme xplosives selection these headphones have significant base, with no distortion. A fiddle with the equalizer may well be expected to carry the better appears to the fore as the base can sometimes be overpowering. This is the very same with the whole xtreme xplosives selection and not genuinely a problemi have observed these to be cozy to use for a couple hours at a time without having any ache to the ears, even though be warned these are loud, so sensible use is advisedthere is a tiny seem leakage but this is due to the quite loud performance, only really a issue to anybody sitting down up coming to you on the train/bus:-)overall: a good established of headphones that sits properly among the more than-ear and in-ear variations.

Trevi DJ1260 DJ Headphones – It comes damaged but

I provided 5 stars mainly because that fit properly and are relaxed. The only damaging matter i can mention is that there is a slight hum with bluetooth. I am not absolutely sure if other headphones have the same trouble, but i guess they do. Owning said that, i assume it’s a fantastic concept that they are fitted with a jack for a plug-in jack-to-jack guide (presented). The periods i had to dispose of headsets due to the fact the jack direct breaks is just not fantastic news. But, all you have to do is get yet another guide for this headset. To sum up: if you require to be walking / jogging all over listening to songs etcetera, then the bluetooth comes into it is really personal. If you just want to hear in a static place, then use the lead (it will save the battery in any case).

Good product or service with quite good audio high quality. Nice attributes would acquire once again.

Bought this for my granddaughter who has unique demands and she was unquestionably designed up with it and failed to require to display her how to work it carried out it herself so it was a extremely great acquire.Here are the specifications for the Trevi DJ1260 DJ Headphones:

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  • Product description: Trevi DJ 1260 BT
  • Battery Type: Lithium
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Suitable for: PC/Gaming
  • Earphone Type: Socket
  • Width: 15 cm
  • Colour: White
  • Device interface: Bluetooth
  • Peripheral connectivity: Wireless
  • Headphone Type: Circumaural
  • Battery life: 9h

Trevi dj1260 freesound dj headphones with bluetooth connectivity (black)so significantly so good. I’ve applied them with my ipod touch (3rd gen), easy to ‘pair’press and maintain power button this it flashes crimson/blue, search for the headset on the unit, and pair. Code (if demanded) ought to be 0000. Some points to observe:- sound top quality is superior (not so a great deal bass, like some earphones)- range of bluetooth is fair (about eight – 10 meters) but who’s heading to have an ipod further than that?- ear items are not angled, so they’re a bit uncomfortable when very first place on. 5mm male/male and male usb to male micro usb (for charging). Will occur back again in a week to evaluation this review :d.

But would seem good, materials high quality its good. Its light and its comfy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • First Impresions and all good
  • Faultless Product

Quite fantastic headset seem high quality a large amount improved than i expectedeasy to bluetooth is effective about 30 feet awaycomfort incredibly superior ear cubs are quite softconsbuild high-quality not so great it is built with low-priced shiny plastic3. five mm twine broke soon after a couple months.

Looked at various will make of headphones and determined on these due to the fact of the bluetooth link which performs quite well and the cable connection which you can use on a aircraft and many others in which you would not be able to use the bluetooth excellent battery daily life and easy to demand. Color also could match ipad. Thinking of buying an additional pair.

Both equally son and spouse like these. Operate well and keep a demand for extensive time.

All right 1st off i am an addict to headphones, i have obtained sixteen of them ranging from on ear to over, from quality high-priced ones to quality low cost types. I received the trevi dj1260 dj headphones on time, was not much too energized cz they were not pricey so i anticipated fewer, opened the deal and was like ‘wow’ these glimpse great. They feel like good quality, the foam pads are very good and soft, these cans can be broken if you are a clumsy particular person, but they are a great buildsound high-quality?.I develop for a number of underground artists throughout the world and i think i know great sound when i hear it, i was shocked. I signify for £40 you would assume the headphones would be average but they are not, they’re quite professional in every single aspecti tested out the bluetooth perform and it paired quickly like all frequent bluetooth headsets join, and i walked all over the property to see how good the link and excellent was, they were being amazing. (lasts 9 hours and can take 2 several hours to cost)to incorporate to the joy they have a 3. 5 mm male to male headphone jack in-scenario you are out of juice and you nonetheless want to pay attention to tunes with top quality seem (which is the rationale why i wished to buy a pair of sms audio headphones, but why pay hundreds for sms when you can get equivalent satisfaction for £40+ ?). I’m astonished by this product guys, certainly a very good obtain.Jamming to them appropriate now lol.

Cable is abit small if you want to use as normal headphones.

Whilst i have had the products a quick time i can say that presented it continues to purpose as it at present does it is faultless for the value, the range is good, battery lifetime good, the buttons do the job, the establish top quality is sturdy and the audio replication is incredibly great for the price of these headphones, wired or not, the buttons all operate and the headphones are at ease and extendable to match all head sizes. I have applied them as a headset and they appear to decide on up your voice evidently with out necessitating shouting. They fold absent for storage and whilst this is a useful function and perhaps just to fault a thing this is my only problem with the pair of headphones – the potential to fold the headphones is valuable and helps prevent problems but the durability of the hinge is to be found – i hope they are sturdygreat solution five/5.

Professionals:+help for quite a few bluetooth technologies (v2. 1+edr suitable with a2dp, avrcp, hsp, hfp)+effortless to pair with other bluetooth gadgets+high high quality audio – freq. Reaction 20hz-20khz+probability to join the headphones with a three. five aux cable (without the need of bluetooth)+foldablecons:-no bag for transporting-the cable only connects the headphones. It would be good to link the mic as effectively with no employing bluetooth.

Amazing solution at a wonderful value . Pondering of getting some much more for the children . Half the rate of some other individuals .

Westone UM2 Headphone : UM2 experience

The dynamic range means that as long as you have a suitably good sound source – an ipod classic and 320kbps bitrate is what i’m using – these give detail that i’ve not heard before using earphones. Because they actually aim right into the ear canal, it takes a couple of goes to get them fitted properly. Once you get the hang of it though these have also become the most comfortable i’ve used. Sound doesn’t leak out and it isolates you from extraneous noise – perfect for planes and trains then. Because of this, as my fellow reviewers state, you don’t need to have the volume set anything like as high, which is good for anyone worried about tinnitus and other ear-damage. Nearly £200 is a lot to pay for earphones but if you want to forget about equipment and just appreciate your music then don’t hesitate.

Absolutley loved these ever since i got them out of the box. They fit perfectly and are very comfortable. The sound quality is exceptional. Of course the sound source has to be good and it depends on the owners hearing , but i think these are as good as it gets.

The fitting is initially tricky but i am sure i will master it. Tried my shure buds for comparison and they were disposed of very quickly. These are well worth the extra cost.

Well, i don’t usually bother with writing a review and this is my first one, so bear with me. I have purchased these as a replacement for my westone um1’s, which i will now be using for in-ear monitoring in my capacity as a professional drummer. The reason for this is that my m-audio in-ears that i use on the road, have given up the ghost after about 18 months. I’ve had a number of in-ear headphones over the years, starting with sennheiser cx300, moving to shure se110, then shure se210 then m-audio ie10’s, finally got um1’s about a year ago and was/are very happy with them. But, the um2’s just blow away everything else in terms of sound quality. The low end is simply the best i’ve heard during my time with in-ears. It is just so defined and tight without sounding enhanced or slack. Mids are perfect for me as is top end. Obviously the comfort is just as good as the um1’s and surpasses any other manufacturer i’ve used.

  • The Music Speaks For Itself
  • Best buds I have owned
  • Westone UM2 experience

Westone UM2 Headphone

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  • Ear Canal Headphone

Great headphones i bought them as replacements for my etymotic er6 headphones which were stolen. I have to say they are fantastic, comfortable to wear and better than the etymotics, however the ear pieces do fall apart quite easily. I’ve had mine replace twice in less than 18 months and it looks like they are going again which is disappointing considering the cost.

Have been using these westone um2 headphones now for approximately 14 months and i absolutely love them. Used with an ipod classic the quality of sound is amazing. I originally had the medium sized comply tips but quickly moved down to the smaller size which gave me such a comfortable listening experience. I used to regularly play the ipod at 90% volume with conventional apple headphones to try and atain the correct hit, but find that the westones are so detailed with their “dual driver” set up that a 50% volume is more than one needs. And the comply tips are reasonably priced to replace regularly.

I was a bit hesitant with the price, but money well spent. Sound is incredible all round. Once i put them on i knew how good they are. I have my iphone at about 3/4 and its almost too loud. Volume is there if you need it that’s for sure. I used the foam buds and it blocked every other sound out, amazing. I bought ones with removable cable, it was only an extra £10, so now i have the option if i damage the wire, or connection end. Just buy them, you wont regret.

Philips SHL9700/10 Headband Headphones – /Aluminium – Great quality and value

Very fantastic value headphones, snug and does what it guarantees. If it really is an reasonably priced set of headphones you are on the lookout for, you won’t be unhappy in these.

These are best as they fold flat so clan healthy into my vacation bag.

Philips shl9700/10 headband headphones – black/aluminiumafter owning looked about and hoping numerous pairs of headphones at different costs i purchased a pair of the above the sound was good distinct with a lot bass and were being really comfortable to dress in the price tag from amazon was in excess of £20 cheaper than i could have obtained them locally total extremely pleased.

  • Great quality and value
  • Phillips Headphones
  • phillips headphones

Distinct large seem and fantastic bass response.

Exerlent price would recomend.

Features of Philips SHL9700/10 Headband Headphones – Black/Aluminium

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  • 40 mm speaker drivers deliver big sound performance with Precise audio from superior speakers
  • Easy portability from the flat-folding design
  • Natural comfort fit from deluxe memory-foam FloatingCushions
  • Sound isolating super soft ear cushions
  • Lightweight but durable aluminium outer ear shells

Arrived on time amazing sound and quite comfy. These headphones are an absolute cut price.

Extremely pleases and a fantastic value.

Excellent sounding,really snug.

Very clear sound but not the ‘loudest’ variety the bass is variety of weak but thoroughly if you want to enjoy your new music this is a great resolution, delicate earpads and match well.

Exceptional high-quality headphones purchased for £16. seventy two excellent worth for dollars not certain they are truly worth the £61 listing rate but they are great nice well balanced seem, not for bass heads but not bass mild both just a awesome harmony, relaxed light with a wonderful high-quality three. 5mm jack plug, seem moderately properly designed, at the value a big discount.

These headphones are a wonderful invest in the audio is so distinct and the bass is fantastic to awesome and tight but not over powering. I have had a large amount of headphones in my time but i would say these are 1 of the ideal pair i have had and there at a terrific value too have seen them £20 more in other places. So if your immediately after a decent established of headphones that will not likely break the lender i would so give these in the past there very superior and they search definitely awesome too.

Fantastic headphones, they search definitely great and they seem to be created to a really superior common. The construct excellent is just good.

They had been proposed to me by my son who has a pair and i am so satisfied with them. I use them mostly when functioning on my laptop computer. I don’t know substantially about audio excellent and all all those other responses built, but it functions for me.

The headphones are efficient and extremely relaxed to use. The seem coming through them is really crystal clear. In my perspective this is an outstanding product or service.

KitSound Cobra Sweat and Water-Resistant Flat Ribbon Cable Sports Earphones – Pink : Great headphones- sadly broke after 2 months of moderate use

Once again, kitsound pulled off another great product. I have other kitsound items in my collection of stuff and i was more then pleased to purchase these with their history of well made, great sounding and extremely well priced products. If you were to walk into a high street store and purchase the usual branded headphones for this kid of price, you’re find them so terrible that you wished you had not bothered and just given the money spent to a homeless personthese, however are worth it. They are a really well balanced pair of headphones. The sound (with the right tip remember) had a great balance of deep base but the mid and treble are still there as they should be. Really well made and a very good length for sports earphones. As always, they are only water and sweet resist so don’t go swimming with them but i every confidence that they will be withstanding my un-natural bucket amount of sweet i seem to produce in running. For the price: you can’t go wrongfor the quality: perfectover all – 5/5.

These are great value at the price (blue ones were seven quid). I wish they did them in white or black tho. The flat cable really does work in stopping tangles. Bought these for sunbathing and finally got them to stay in, after trying all the sizes of earbud, by putting them in upside down (that’s suggested in the instructions actually). If you buy these for sports i think you’ll be disappointed as they probably will fall out. Maybe nikki lauda would have better luck than me. Sound quality is great, lots of bass and good clarity all round. Highly recommended for sedentary people.

Received headphones on friday (6th dec) after ordering a few days before. I love this brand of headphones so brought my boyfriend a pairvery happy customer, very happy overall.

I got these for my husband because he enjoys listening to his music when he is out and about doing sports. He mentioned previously the fact that the phones have to fit securely and the wires have to be easily manageable – with good sound quality but not total noise cancelling – for safety purposes. I looked on amazon for various products and came across these. The price was not bad and the reviews were pretty good – so i thought, for the price, it is worth a buy and see whether they would suit his purpose. I must say that so far – hubby has been more than satisfied with the phones in relation to the physical quality (i personally really like the ribbon wires – stops me from getting them all tangled- and the product felt wellmade and not flimsy), and sound quality – good base, nice middle tones, not tinny at all. The comfort of the phones is also worth mentioning. Hubby’s concern is that the perspiration would affect how securely the phones stay in – but he said that he has not had this issue so that’s good by me. I am tempted to get my own – so that i do not have to borrow hubby’s especially since he has been using them loads.

  • Sound quality great but not well fitting :(
  • Great headphones- sadly broke after 2 months of moderate use
  • Very Very Happy!

KitSound Cobra Sweat and Water-Resistant Flat Ribbon Cable Sports Earphones – Pink

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  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Flat ribbon cable resists tangling
  • Soft-touch material
  • Bright, bold colours
  • Comfortable to wear

Great headphones- sadly broke after 2 months of moderate use because a power lead inside of the pod came off the speaker.

They are ok but they didn’t really stay in my ears very well and weren’t any good in the gym. They didn’t tangle much though and the sound was good quality. I bought some phillips sweat proof sports earphones which are much better.

After buying the kitsound ribbons and loving them i was looking for something more suitable to use for the gym. The longer cable drew me in straight away as i hate being on the treadmill and the earphone start to get tugged out of your ear. I used the medium sized buds and seem to be getting on fine – no sign of them coming out whilst at the gym. Again i’m so pleased they have the flat cable, now i have 2 pairs of headphones with a flat cable i don’t think i can ever go back. The headphones sound great for the price, and although not quite as good as the ribbons what can you expect for half the price. Love the way the yellow and black go together. To be honest i haven’t worked that hard whilst wearing these but i also got caught in the rain wearing these and trusted them enough not to worry – of course they were fine. Again i can’t think of a fault and these are the best headphones you would get for this price.

The earphones are really good quality but they don’t stay in my ears for long. I always wear a hairband when i run luckily so that helps. Must be my ears though becuase everyone else seems to have reviewed them well.

Ok, so i looked at the price and wondered if i should take a punt on these. It seems i was correct to do so. I am very much pleased with them. So far i have used them most nights in the gym the sound is great. The isolation is very good and i don’t seem to need to turn them up too much due to this. I personally love the tangle free cord. It was not something i was looking for but i will be from here on as i am so surprised to well they can be untangled. I have found the standard tip is fine for me so after a little playing with just got them to work. Sound perfect and they look cool too. I could not help but go for the pinki think for this kind of a price range i would not mind replacing them every 6 months but while i am not there yet, i can not see any reason why i would need too as the build quality is very impressive.

These earphones are great for going out for runs, there water resistant which is a real bonus. All round great earphones, specialising in sport.

These things did not fall out of my ears and worked really well for their purpose (i run the cable up my back between a t and top or just under the t). However, i bought two and both are now broken – both at the plug end although i rarely unplugged them. They lasted about 8 months and 10 months respectively, so i will buy another set simply because i want to give them another go and (when they worked) they worked well (for me).

As mentioned by the previous reviewer, i was also a little sceptical about these earphones as they were so reasonably priced, but after reading the other reviews decided to give them a go, and i must say i wasn’t disappointed. They not only look really funky, great shape and good choice of colours, they are very practical, and most importantly sound great and are really comfy to wear. They have a really nice clear well rounded and full sound and are so comfy compared to my previous earphones that i bought to use with my ipod. They come with 3 sizes of ear gels, i found the medium to be a perfect fit and that the sound isolation worked well. This is the first pair of earphones that i’ve had with the ribbon cord and it has been very successful, cuts down on all the time of trying to unravel lots of tangles before i can listen to my music – a bonusand, although these are water resistant and not waterproof, i was caught in light rain and my headphones didn’t fail me, so i’m confident they will stand the test of time at the gym or out jogging. Great sounding, funky earphones at a great price – would definitely recommend as a all round good buy.

I purchased these based on the other reviews and i must say as far as the sound quality is concerned they are brilliant so do not be put off by the price tag. The only issue i have found is that i cannot get the ear buds to stay in my ear properly no matter which size of bud i use. I have a feeling this is more down to my ears than anything else though as i often have problems with this kind of thing.

aLLreli® 1S tooth 4 – Very nice for the price

Wonderful bluetooth earpiece, incredibly straightforward to setup and phone calls quite clear to listen to. Relaxed to wear, i had it in my ear for around four several hours with no issues.

The audio good quality is wonderful on this headset and picks up audio very quickly. It is really wonderful for me due to the fact i use skype a lot and can use the headset with it as nicely as remaining in a position to hook up with my ipad to listen to music when walking down the avenue. It is also very discreet and seems pleasant,comfortable and elegant. It can be charging is quite quick witj a one-2 hour cost but with all the things else i assume you can forget it. This is all round a genuinely fantastic solution that is dependable and is good for any individual on the go.

Pretty fantastic merchandise to have at such a fantastic price tag. And let’s me pay attention to the satnav by means of it. My only terrible point it that following inly having it for 2 months the insides rattle alittle and when you transfer your head you can hear it.

Vary it really is not more substantial than 5 metres,battery is excellent. Yeah, purchase one, great worth for money 👍.

Audio not great, but similarly not rubbish. Only grievance, is it isn’t going to sit well in the ear.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very nice for the price
  • Its ok with phone calls
  • goodone fast delivery

This is a bit flimsy and i would suggest likely to a store and dealing with the goods to aid decide high-quality.

Does the occupation at a quite good value.

Extremely cozy, lightweight, extensive battery lifestyle.

Its ok with phone phone calls but doesn’t perform with skype, viber or even for audio/video clip on the phone, not guaranteed if i am carrying out something improper but i purchased imagining it would work.

Pretty very good delivery provider and superior top quality solution that life up to its spec.

I am utilizing this headset nearly day-to-day for a though (ios) and i am actually delighted with it. It has a good variety and no seem or microphone issues in any respect. As significantly as the battery, it lasts very long and expenses inside of an hour or so. In typical, it does what it states on the description. I found truly beneficial the shortcut alternative it provides for speedy redial by just working with the headset button. Light-weight to wear and matches terrific, which is genuinely important for me. I would definetely endorse it and for this rate it is a excellent selection. As considerably as allreli, constantly excellent products and services and rapid dispatch, given that i have bought some of their items in advance of and i am a returning customer.

Even use it for operating with itunes on and hardly ever dropped it really is relationship.

The last time i made use of one of these devices was various decades back when they 1st arrived on the market. It was substantial, large and challenging to maintain in one’s ear. This device is little and mild and has a clear light-weight loop that goes more than the ear and a scaled-down loop earlier mentioned the earpiece that snuggles up to the fold in your ear. Even with some violent head shaking i couldn’t dislodge it. It is so light-weight that i rarely even observed i was carrying it. I located that i can also don it with out the loop that goes more than the ear and it stays reasonably secure. The sound high-quality is better than i anticipated, earning phone calls uncomplicated to listen to. I observed the controls conveniently located and the features are simple and straightforward to learn and use.

Exceptional item extremely content.

Only bluetooth headset that does waht i want on my lg nexus 5. Good product or service, properly performed allreli.

headset allows the wearer to acquire hands free phone calls and listen to tunes/audio information from any linked machine. In the box you get — the headset- 2 x earhooks- 2 x earbuds various sizes- micro usb to usb charging cable- instruction bookleti’ve had a handful of of these headsets around the a long time and have located them hit and pass up. Not a significant lover of them but understandably from time to time they are a requirement in todays hectic entire world. But they have arrive a lengthy way in only a handful of many years with improved pairing, fewer hiss and much better audio high-quality. This headset at all around 2 inches extended feels a really properly built good quality merchandise and has a fashionable look. It has a micro usb port for charging, specified electrical power switch, volume +/- at the side of the headset that rests on the ear. The mic is at the conclusion of the product resting on the cheek and a small but clearly obvious led indicator too. 5 – 2 hrs to absolutely demand. Whilst charging the led indicator glows red. Two hrs demand offers you 220 several hours standby and 9 hours talking/audio enjoying time. The charging/docking station is extremely useful.

Just what i desired – something to have in one ear at night for listening to podcasts. You can virtually not feel it and it will work seemlessly – has audible confirmation of ability on, ability off, linked, etc, which tends to make issues really easy. Am about to order a further one.

Extremely speedy supply genuinely works will and suits in ear and does not slide out great item will don excellent 5stars excellent one.

I typically uncover earphones in my ears pretty agonizing immediately after a few minutes but this is wonderful, superior seem top quality way too. I’ve tied a bit of string round it to put spherical my neck so that i do not neglect about it just after i have finished the connect with and lose it.

Crystal clear audio high quality and really good battery life. For the rate, absolutely proposed. While i haven’t contacted client support , i have a sensation they’re rather superior on that entrance far too presented that they’ve asked me for any feed-back i may have about the products. They appear to be positively eager to hear from buyers (i’ve received yet another item from them prior to as very well and it seems like their usual frame of mind to their consumers).

Merchandise arrived on the eleventh march, simple to match to your phone and a very good quality sound in chat or music method. Suits in both easr and relaxed to have on.

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